Saturday, October 30, 2010

Paul Krugman Is A Scaredy-Cat Up Against A Cool Cat!

Robert Murphy is a cool cat! He not only will shred Krugman in a debate but he will heap over $100,000 on the poor in New York City with his (your) donation to the soup kitchen.

What a cool cat Robert Murphy is to put together this comical video showing his 'training' for the upcoming head-to-head fight with Krugman. Although head-to-head may not exactly be accurate since we all know where Krugman is speaking from!!!

Anyway, 'Krugman the Great' better plan on moving to some unknown deserted island soon before his Nobel Prize turns to dust! O the shame of it!!!

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Friday, April 16, 2010

ETHICAL ECONOMICS For Today And Tomorrow . . .

'Foreword' to ETHICAL ECONOMICS For Today And Tomorrow.

ETHICAL ECONOMICS For Today And Tomorrow . . .


It seems almost paradoxical that in a time when science and rationality are on the surge, when everything is measured, weighted, turned around, assessed in light of human physical and mental truths, someone by the name of Bruce Koerber decides to examine the economic problems of the planet beyond a visible, tangible, measurable and understandable horizon, in a dimension that scientists, engineers, economists, environmentalists’ do not dare to enter; a space where the finest and most intangible qualities of humankind emerge so powerfully.

Thousands of years have physically evolved human beings into its current status: beautiful and erect; millenniums of aesthetic and deep variations involving his whole being; and it has taken thousands of years for their intelligence to become as brilliant as it is now: millenniums of clashes between cultures, between different life styles and philosophies explaining the meaning of life and knowledge.

The times we live in are certainly times of transition from a life style based on “separations” and one which will have to be lived on fundamentals of “integration”. “Separations” between races, belief systems, ways of thinking, life-styles, customs, arts, sciences and “integrations” towards a planet on the way to becoming “one country” which should align its citizens towards a new vision that we can define as “integrated” or perhaps better reflected by the expression “ unity in diversity”.

From the scientific point of view it is now commonly accepted that no topic can be explored by a single scientific branch, as this used to be the “usual way of conducting things” which has produced “contradictions and troubles” and it should therefore be replaced by a new way of working known as “interdisciplinarity of sciences and their integration”.

Meaning that every problem in our universe should be seen from an interdisciplinary perspective, which is with the contribution of all sciences.

Yet this isn’t enough. We should add to this interdisciplinary contribution what derives from man’s “intangible” assets, which include his inner qualities, talents and spiritual gems.

Baha’u’llah, the founder of the Baha’i Faith, said in the second half of the eighteenth century: “Man is a mine rich in gems of inestimable value”. Among these gems we find intellectual and spiritual ones. Only through an integration of the latter can we finally enter a stage of maturity for humankind, where physical, scientific, economic and spiritual aspects will give an integrated vision of development and of the remedies for the mistakes that have been made in the past and that today we keep making, due to a lack of multidisciplinary vision.

Mr Koerber’s text offers a contribution to this new multidisciplinary vision: a contribution that brings the divine into a dry science such as economics. We certainly live in a time where it may seem like God has forgotten or, even, forsaken this planet.

Never have we been so far from a concept of life aligned with spirituality, never before have human beings been so far from the divine and instead devoting their lives mainly towards accumulating wealth, to use and satisfy one’s selfish desires. Never before has our planet witnessed such a major contradiction: the very rich on one side and the destitute on the other. A thick and tall wall divides these two categories of people, the rich being the minority, against the vast majority of the poor.

A wall that produces a distorted development where the masses of the world sink deeper and deeper into the dark abysses of hunger and misfortune, while limitless riches, which Pharaohs and Caesars or imperialistic powers of the last century have never dreamt of, are accessible to just a few managers of human affairs.

This increasingly tall and thick wall is the wall of modern economy. The last financial crisis confirmed once again how this barricade is not being affected and how rock-solid it remains.

It is instead a pressing necessity to bring back the science of economy to a wider, more holistic, more ethical, fairer vision that favours humankind.

Bruce Koerber has written an essay that addresses this issue, introducing the divine in economic science, allowing economics to re-emerge in all its power focused towards a balanced development of society.

It is a brave text, it goes against the trend, a contribution, an experiment, a project that allows the reader to reflect on this new perspective, a contribution rich with innovative ideas, which, if followed, will enable the rise of a new vision of “true knowledge”, which will contribute to the betterment of living conditions on this planet.

Giuseppe Robiati
Business Leader, Lecturer, and Author
Milan, Italy
March 20, 2010

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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Zero Ethics In A Zero Percent Interest Rate!

What Does the Zero Percent Interest Rate Mean?

Bernanke + Krugman = Zero!

Zero interest rate: In the 1990's Krugman advised Japan to go to a zero interest rate or even to go negative! Bernanke can fulfill his wildest dream of becoming helicopter Ben once the interest rate is zero because then he has only the one option - massive 'liquidity' by dumping titanic amounts of dollars as if dropping them from a helicopter.

Bernanke + Krugman = Zero!

Zero knowledge of economic science. Their training is as empiricists but in a field that is subjective. They are like androids with little common sense and no human sensitivities pretending to represent infinitely complex humans who have unpredictable and flexible actions.

Bernanke + Krugman = Zero!

There is not a trace of ethics in either of them and the sum of two zeros is zero!

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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Deflation Propaganda By The World's Biggest Debtor!

Cherish the current price deflation for some goods and services while it lasts because massive inflation is about to destroy the purchasing power of the dollar so much and so universally that only the best entrepreneurs (ones who can anticipate the impact of specific acts of intervention) will be able to perceive relative deflation in a hyperinflation environment.

Who is the beneficiary of inflation? Debtors are since they pay back debt with a depreciated money.

Would the biggest debtor in the history of the world not intervene when prices decline (which means that the purchasing power of the dollar is stronger)? Now you see why they won’t let the markets clear, because prices would have to decline (in other words, the dollar would appreciate in value).

That is the reason the propaganda is thick with cries of the dangers of deflation! Surely you, as an individual, are not disappointed when the purchasing power of your dollars increases.

Massive printing of money ‘out of thin air’ is one way to cause inflation. Bailouts justify that counterfeiting scheme. And of course the war against 'terrorists' is the trump card.

If productive resources are coercively diverted towards war efforts prices will no longer go down. The supply of non-war goods will dwindle causing prices to go up. And then inflation, even at phenomenally high rates, will be excused because of the 'unusual' circumstances requiring patriotic sacrifices!

Recognize that the world’s greatest debtor is the problem. And yet these economic imbeciles propose ‘solutions’ that magnify their debt!

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Saturday, November 15, 2008

"Liberty!" Drowns The World Economic Summit Schemers.

Economic Analogies
Using analogies makes it easier to understand economics, and counteracts the economic fallacies promulgated by the interventionists.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Coordinated Central Banks Come To The Surface For Air!

Today (10/8/08) the secretive agreements among the central banks that serve as the basis of world monetary hegemony came to the surface (for air!). Two things are apparent: 1). The unConstitutional coup in the U.S. is fearful of drowning in its own cesspool, 2). The U.S. dominated world bank already exists and is the monster behind all the wars designed to weaken any and all rival monetary systems.

After sucking in some air (in the form of the propaganda that a coordinated system of central banks is good for the world) the beast went back under the water of secrecy. Oh how sweet the vulnerablitity of the mammal in need of air, with all of its sucking and unweaned offspring!

The next time it surfaces the waves of the cries for liberty will gag the oxygen deprived behemoth. As its members flail (We know who one of the members of the unConstitutional coup is - Paulson) the waves of liberty become as one large purging wave which casts the scum of the earth (the ego-driven interventionists) on the shore to rot while the ocean currents regain their equilibrium.

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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Blame Reality For The Recession/Depression !!!

Here is where to place the blame - reality!

Blame reality for not cooperating with the Keynesian fantasy.

Blame reality for 'spitting up' the counterfeit fiat currencies.

Blame reality for clearing the path for the pendulum to swing, knocking the unConstituional coup off its throne.

Blame reality for exposing the media as a propaganda machine.

Blame reality for shaking and waking the lovers of liberty and justice.

Blame reality for the surfacing of the principles of classical liberalism and for the need for champions.

Blame reality for the window that allowed in a breath of fresh air - a noble and humble and trustworthy statesman named Ron Paul serving as an educator.

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Monday, September 29, 2008

The Champions of the Bailout Failure.

Bailout Bullying Will Fail!

The invasion of Iran became too politically unpopular. The invasion of Georgia was not even feasible since the bankrupcy was on the doorstep. These were merely the diversionary tactics to maintain status quo.

It (the economic whirlpool) came upon them too fast and furious because they really are clueless. They really do not realize the overwhelming power and sweeping force of the market!

As a last resort they fell back on their unConstitutional practices of circumventing Congress and the people, thinking that their propaganda and their media control and the generational indoctrination would hold back any opposition to their vulgar scheme.

Enter Ron Paul and the revolution! He made it obviously ridiculous and politically impossible to 'Bomb, bomb, bomb; Bomb bomb Iran!'

The CIA-trained Georgian troops directed by a puppet of the U.S. Empire to secure an oil pipeline and start a new Cold War did not escape those alert to the wicked deeds of the interventionists. And our hero Ron Paul spoke about it on a national platform.

Pop! The bubble burst and all the hot air of malinvestment and overconsumption whooshed out while the dumbfounded Keynesians conjured up their plan of theft and deceipt.

Again Ron Paul and his army of classical liberalism champions rebuffed the blatant mugging by the power elite. The voice of the people is rising and soon even the deaf, dumb (I am not talking about muteness), and blind Congress will feel its vibrations. Ultimately they will do what they are supposed to do or lose in the next election! The Campaign For Liberty is exercising its muscles and those muscles are significant.

Will the untrustworthy ones be able to convince anyone? Bullying will be their only option but let me remind the unConstitutional coup that the muscles of the Campaign For Liberty are significant!

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